Established in September of 1974, the first meeting included thirteen charter members, and they met at La Tertulia Restaurant in Santa Fe. Officers elected then were Virginia Ebinger of Los Alamos president, Sharon Trout of Albuquerque, vice-president, Priscilla Benge of Los Alamos secretary and Jo Wier of Santa Fe, treasurer. Six of these teachers were present at the opening of the Orff Certification Program at Denver University that same year. The next year the New Mexico and Rocky Mountain Chapter of Colorado were participating in a 2-day retreat at Ghost Ranch, which featured lesson sharing. Los Alamos continued to be the happening place for Orff performances, featuring local multicultural materials.

Albuquerque was the host city for the AOSA convention of 1981. Special events included a tour of Jemez Pueblo and a festival celebration there, sessions that included material unique to New Mexico’s culture and history including the Christmas story Las Posadas, Spanish Cuentos, and focus on American Indian music with Orff. Headline teachers were Trude Hauff from Sweden, Phyllis Weikart for movement and folk dancing, Athan Karras in Greek music and dance, and Helen Kemp choral music specialist. About 800 members attended from all over the country and internationally, and the New Mexico Chapter was given rave reviews for their organization and hospitality. To this day people talk about this convention with glowing memories

This reigning spirit has continued through the years, in the heart of the chapter. Barbara Grenoble of the Rocky Mountain area was a constant clinician, advisor and friend to the membership those first several years, with a number of other combined retreats with the Rocky Mountain Chapter, and attendance at the training at Denver University.